People must rise, resist ‘imposition of one thought: Chidambaram on resignation of 2 Ashoka University professors

NEW DELHI: After two professors of Ashoka University resigned, senior Congress leader P Chidambaram Friday asked what does this say of the “academic freedom” in the country and urged people to rise and resist the “imposition of one thought”.
He alleged that this “BJP thought” will “wreck” India and turn it into an autocracy.
“What does it say of academic freedom in this country if two distinguished economists have to resign as Professors of Ashoka University,” he asked on Twitter.
“The people of India must rise to fiercely resist the attempt to impose one thought all over the country. ‘BJP Thought’ or ‘Modi Thought’ will wreck the country and turn India into an autocracy,” he said.
Faculty members, students and alumni of the Ashoka University in Sonipat have expressed anguish over noted political commentator Pratap Bhanu Mehta’s resignation as a professor, saying his exit seems to be a direct consequence of his role as a public intellectual and critic of the government.
While the faculty members have written to the vice chancellor (VC) and board members, saying Mehta’s exit has set a “chilling precedent for future removals of faculty”.


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