NCC conducts its combined annual training camp

Srinagar: As a result of lockdown due to COVID-19, the NCC institutional training and camp activities had come to a halt. In order to cover up the missed training a number of camps of short duration are being organized by NCC Srinagar.
Five days Combined Annual Training Camp of 1 Jammu and Kashmir Battalion NCC, Srinagar was conducted at Srinagar from 09 March to 13 March.
During the Camp, around 100 cadets underwent basic training to include Drill, Weapon Training, Firing, Map Reading, Character Building and Leadership Traits and other extracurricular activities, like group singing and dance.
Cadets were also given training with the military band. A lecture on recruitment procedures was also arranged to show the cadets the way to entry into Armed Forces.
The focus of the Camp was to give maximum possible training to develop the character and personality of the cadets.
To culminate the Camp, a grand closing ceremony was held at Haft Chinar, which was attended by senior dignitaries of the Indian Army.
They were full of praise for the excellent show put up by the cadets. The self discipline, camaraderie of the NCC cadets and their selfless service and contribution in social welfare activities was highly appreciated.

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