The excuses that plague govt schools

The excuses that plague govt schools

This is in reference to the article, ‘The ills that plague govt schools’, published in Kashmir Reader on March 2, 2021.

Let me offer my heartfelt condolences for the excuses projected by the author of the above mentioned article to justify the miserable results of govt schools. If the teachers of government schools are highly qualified and well trained, then where lies the fault? We admit that the administration has to act, but government teachers are the major contributors to the dismal results. The author is trying to dump the incompetence of the teachers on the administration, subtly.
A post-mortem of the author’s excuses reveals a lot about his intentions. Let me assume that the author is a government teacher. My assumption may be wrong, but the probability is high. Government school teachers don’t get promotions on time, which is the reason, he says, for the poor performance of the students. Here all the levels of stupidity have been crossed. The crux of the argument is: no promotion, no improvement. Is it a promotion-results game? Or is it a question of the future of our children? How can you relate their performance to irrelevant parameters under a saga of excuses?
Next, the author says that a teacher has to roam about in government offices to clear his personnel files, leaving the students to the mercy of God. Please have some sense. Have some respect for the profession. Are the teachers bothered more about their personnel files than about teaching?
On another argument, yes, inadequate infrastructure does impede academic work, but infrastructure apart, the hard work of the teacher also matters. Teachers raise a hue and cry over the lack of physical infrastructure but they are not ready to change the teaching methodology. They are not trying to shift from a gossiping culture to a serious academic and competitive environment. The teachers discuss “Ghar Ghar Ki Kahani” and draw hefty salaries. Truth hurts. But it is what it is. If your abilities and teaching are up to the mark and in sync with the contemporary competitive era, why there is no sign of progress in the results of government schools? Why government schools represent shattered results? Exceptions exist, but this is the story in most of the schools. Why you prefer to admit your children to private schools? Do you doubt your teaching? Why don’t you deliver? That raises doubt in the minds of every person in society. The author is neglecting the crucial issues. The author is just playing a victim card.
These are such lame excuses that they are absurd. If teachers have grievances, don’t highlight them to hide the ineptitude. Teachers have been bestowed with the tag of nation builders. Teaching brings rewards of trust and esteem. Teachers have the power to be agents of change. Deplorably, the blame game has ruined all the beauty of this profession. That is the tragedy that is tormenting the educational mechanism. Let me clear the position to the author. The life of government schools is going out breath by breath. Excellence doesn’t come with excuses. The academic infrastructure can be developed at the level of teachers. What needs to be done is simple: eliminate the deadwood. Uproot the unhealthy culture from government schools. Put the teachers to the test. Fix responsibility and monitor the schools’ performance. The excuses and grievances cited by the author are trivial.
Hope and optimism are beautiful words that keep dreams alive. I hope that spring will bloom in the education system. I hope the government schools will rise and shine. May good sense prevail.

The writer has a PG degree in Mass Communication and Journalism. [email protected]

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