Pakistan to register Himalayan pink salt as Geographical Indications

Islamabad: Pakistan has decided to register Himalayan pink salt as Geographical Indications (GI) to prevent its unauthorised use by other countries.
A GI tag is a sign used on products that have a specific geographical origin and possess origin-based qualities and reputation in the region.
The precious salt is extracted from the Salt Range in Punjab which extends along the south of the Potohar Plateau and the north of the Jhelum River.
The decision was taken in a meeting with the Intellectual Property Organisation (IPO) Pakistan chaired by Commerce Adviser Razak Dawood. IPO Chairman Mujeeb Ahmed Khan also attended the meeting, the Dawn newspaper reported on Friday.
An official announcement said that during the meeting, GI registration of products from various regions of Pakistan was discussed. The move aims to curb unauthorised use of Pakistan’s GI by other countries.
Pink Himalayan salt is said to be loaded with minerals that are beneficial to health.
Pakistan is fighting a case in the 27-member European Union against India’s move to get Basmati rice registered as its product.
We decided that, after registration of rice, pink salt from the Salt Range mountains of Pakistan will be registered as GI, the adviser said, adding that this will encourage and motivate our producers to expand their business at a global level.
For this, a registrant would be designated with the approval of the Cabinet.
Similarly, a list of other products on a priority basis will be pursued.
We urge our business community to identify and inform IPO of other products that can be registered as GI in order to protect them for realising their export potential, Dawood said.



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