Distribution of substandard rice across PDS stores in Srinagar worrisome: NC

Srinagar: The Jammu and Kashmir National Conference on Saturday expressed dismay over the distribution of substandard rice to consumers at various government public distribution depots across Srinagar, impressing upon the administration to ensure distribution of quality grains to people.
In a statement, Party’s State Women’s Wing President Shameema Firdous said that she has been receiving complaints from Baba Pura, Habakadal and other surrounding areas about the low inferior quality of rice being distributed to people at government ration depots. “The rice which is being distributed, I am told is very old and charred and unfit for public consumption. Half of the quantity of grains, I have been told, is filled with clay, stones, and husk. I fail to understand how the government expects people to consume such low quality rice. The slipshod approach of the administration is pushing the administration to purchase grains from markets on higher rates. The BPL families are particularly at the receiving end due to the lackluster approach of administration,” she said.
Demanding a thorough probe, she said the administration was duty bound to ensure steady supply of basic edibles to people particularly during the ongoing winter season. “The erring officers and concerned staff, which have procured the grains, should be dealt with sternly. Distribution of substandard grains might imperil the precious lives of people, who are already battling chill and COVID-19,” she added.
She also demanded enhancement of monthly ration quota to AAY, BPL, APL families and urged the government to include pulses in PDS. “Meantime I urge the divisional administration to check the price rise of various edibles in Srinagar,” she said.


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