Add life to your old batteries, with new a new technology

Energy and Fire Tech India Pvt. Ltd. to hold talks on expansion

SRINAGAR: Energy and Fire Tech India Pvt. Ltd., a Gurgaon based company has been working on battery life enhancement technology on all types of lead acid batteries since 2014. They offer end-to-end battery services including UPS, inverter, solar, automobile and other industrial battery banks. Enhancing the battery life, enhancing its backup capacity and saving environment is the vision and mission of Energy and Fire. Save cost, Save Environment.
In technical collaboration with a US Based company, Energy and Fire Tech India Pvt. Ltd. has been working in this green space as a leader and provides a wide range of world-class products with innovative solutions in battery life enhancement. They have opened more than 150 battery service clinics in India, service contracts with more than 500 corporate clients and revived more than 1,00,000 batteries.
The company started a pilot project in Kashmir in 2019 in association with Faizan Hanief and Babur Tenga. They set up a battery service clinic in Nowhatta area and revived more than 500 Batteries of different customers in Srinagar. All batteries were more than 2-3 years old. The company observed the batteries to check their performance for more than one year.
After complete customer satisfaction and enthusiastic response, the company is appointing more franchisees in Kashmir valley to spread the benefits of their technology to all citizens of Kashmir. The company has already signed corporate contracts with many big companies and battery manufacturers to provide them services through the battery service clinics in Kashmir valley.
The company’s officials are meeting different businessmen of Kashmir valley on 26-27 December in RK Sarovar Portico hotel to discuss expansion plans. This kind of technology will not only save cost but will also reduce pollution in the valley to a large extent. This will also generate new employment opportunities in Kashmir valley.

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