Covid 19 patients, students, traders worst by erratic electricity schedule by PDD : KTA

Srinagar: Kashmir Trade Alliance(KTA) said that Interpreting power cut schedule of the department is an injustice to the Kashmiri people. KTA president Ajaz Shahdhar alleged that the entire valley including the city has been plunged into complete darkness by the PDD department.
“The unavailability of electricity has taken a serious turn in the entire valley and has forced consumers to pay their electricity bills without electricity, as well as disconnected them.”He said.
Shahdhar said that tthe PDD department has intensified the process of plunging the entire valley into complete darkness, while the department is not sticking to its own schedule regarding power cuts.
Ajaz Shahhdar said that due to the epidemic of coronavirus, thousands of patients are being provided oxygen at home at present but due to non-availability of electricity, these patients and their families are facing severe difficulties as due to unavailability of electricity these machines have also been shut down. He said that the examinations of the students are also going on at present and their studies are being severely disrupted due to lack of electricity. KTA President said that due to non-availability of electricity consumers, especially traders, industrialists and factory owners have been facing a lot of difficulties.
“Every year during the winters, the power outage is now the fate of the people of the valley.”He said
President Kashmir Trade Alliance(KTA) said that small manufacturers are weeping over the unavailability of electricity. Shahdhar said that big claims are made every year to increase power generation, to build new power projects, the mouth of the state exchequer is opened for construction of power projects but the same story repeats in the month of October. He said that The PDD department is becoming more and more a nightmare for the people of the valley, while the irony is that the power is now cut off for 15 minutes every hour, causing people to suffer.

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