Coaching centre in Shopian starts NEET coaching

Students say has helped them lower expenses, two qualify this year

Shopian: A coaching centre in Shopian has set an example by starting NEET coaching for the first time in the district and among seven students of it’s first batch, two have qualified for NEET and JEE recently.
Officials of this coaching centre said that this type of coaching was started for the first time in the district last year and they are happy to say that among the total seven students who trusted to get coaching there, two of them shined in two different competitive exams.
Earlier all the students who wanted to go for such kind of coaching were used to go Srinagar or outside states but the expenses were unbearable to the students belonging to economically unsound families.
Tutors in Brils tuition centre in Shopian told Kashmir Reader that this initiative was started with the intention to help the students who don’t afford the costly expenses in coaching centres based in Srinagar and other states of India. “We took almost 10 standard fees from the students in view that they might not be able to pay one lakh or more than Rs 50000,” one of the teachers told Kashmir Reader.
Teachers said that so far their efforts are successful. “All it needs is proper guidance , the rest hard work is up-to the student,” he said.
Ansa Fayaz who recently cracked NEET exams recently with 539 points said that she was satisfied with the coaching provided to them in this centre. “We were provided every possible help even when there was strict Covid-19 lockdown in place,” she said.
Students said that once all the aspirants choose to go to Srinagar and different states of India, it drains the local economy as it needs a lot of amount to get coaching and accommodation outside.

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