Any move to weaken employees movement will prove disastrous: Wani

SRINAGAR: JKCSF Chairman and former trade union leader , Abdul Qayoom Wani said that the decision of the Government of Jammu and Kashmir, by virtue of introducing certain substitutes in 226(2) Article of Jammu and Kashmir Civil Service Regulations, Jammu and Kashmir Civil Society Forum has termed it equal to axing the rights of the employees by making such kind of a unscientific amendment in the Article and has termed it unacceptable for employees as well as the society in general,
In a statement Wani said this amendment which could retire an employee at the age of 48 years or at 22 years of completion of his service amounts to the situation that employees were now being used as ‘spare parts’ to use and throw as if they were commodities.
Wani said, JKCSF expresses its utter concern and surprise over this ambiguous and vague amendment in the Article 226(2) and the need of the amendment at all. In a democratic set up employees fraternity happens to be a genuine voice but how come it can withstand and raise its voice in presence of such a scare.
“An employee of any grade is selected by a competent authority for a fixed period of time which is known to one and all. There are service rules already laid for performance, awards and disciplinary actions and promotions and demotions. One fails to understand what the need of this new amendment is or is it to bring a mental unease among the employees who are machinery of the public sector” Wani said.
Employees run the administration from top to ground level in a team work, back home an employee has self-respect linked with family, friends and the society. Terrifying them one or the other pretext will tell upon their social life.
Wani said Jammu and Kashmir economy has sustained recurrent losses due to natural calamities, lockdowns, pandemic and it is only the employees sector which serves as the economical backbone at a time when even tourism and horticulture is crippled, but unfortunately if employees are put under mental trauma of forcible retirement that will impact will badly loom large on the people of J& K.
JKCSF demands that the order of amendment in Article 226(2) of Jammu and Kashmir Civil Service Regulations should be revoked and employees should be allowed to breathe in a free and fair atmosphere under the service rules already in vogue. Wani said that any move to terrify employee fraternity will be fought.


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