Ranking system recognises talent, Bengal govt does not approve of NEP 2020: Mamata

KOLKATA: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Monday said her government would write to the Centre, expressing its disapproval over the National Education Policy 2020, which “intends to put an end to the ranking system”.
Banerjee, during a programme to felicitate meritorious students at the secretariat, said she was in favour of the ranking system, as it recognises a student’s talent and hard work.
“People are ranked one to 10 which make them proud, but we are hearing that there will be this new education policy, where the ranking system will no longer exist. We must not forget that rankings give students a certificate to move forward in life. You (students) have achieved this feat after tremendous hard work. I believe you will lose the opportunity if this ranking system is not there. Because it will not recognise a person’s talent, his hard work and his credibility,” she said.
The CM said her government does not approve of the provisions of the new policy.
“We will be writing to the central government. We do not agree with its new education policy,” she said.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said last month that marksheet becomes a “pressure sheet” for students and “prestige sheet” for families and the new policy would not just remove this pressure but also reduce syllabus and make learning a fun-based and complete experience.
The new curriculum, in accordance with the policy, will be developed and readied by 2022, when the nation celebrates its 75th year of Independence, he had said, while addressing the ‘School Education Conclave’ organised by the Ministry of Education.

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