SAST holds Sahiban Saftami celebrations

SRINAGAR: Celebration of Sahibi Saftami, known as Kanyagat Saftami in the month of Pitra Paksh was arranged across the globe under the aegis of Shri Alakh Sahiba Trust (Regd).
This day is also solemnised as per Logakhi Reshi sermons followed in the Himalayan Geographic part of world. Normally this day was celebrated by performance of Hawan in which huge gatherings used to participate at all the Taposthals and Temples of Mata Shree Roopbhawani in particular at Waskura, Ganderbal Kashmir.
This year being unusual due to Pandemic, the occasion was celebrated as low key affair in strict observance of government guidelines for Covid-19.This year being Special year for devotees of Mata Shree Roop Bhawani, the 4th Centenary Prakash Utsav (Year of Aaverbhav) culminating June next year, the observance of this day was digitally extended globally by performing Nirvan Pathdashak at Janam Bhoomi of Mata Shree Roopbhawani at Dedmar, Temple at Safakadal, Srinagar, by Susheel Pajnoo Taposthals at Cheshmasahibi by Manoj Pandita, Manigam by Ravinder Wali, Waskura by Devout devotee, Talab Tillo Temple, by Management of Trust Jammu besides in NOIDA by Saish Dhar & Sh. Virender Dhar , Jaipur by T.N.Dhar & Manish Dhar, Pune by Subash Dhar, Chennai by Kuldeep Pandita ,Bhopal by C.L.Dhar, Bangalore Sudhir Dhar and many overseas countries.

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