AJKMF explores 13 Alpine lakes in three days

Srinagar: All Jammu Kashmir Mountaineering Foundation (AJKMF) has explored 13 alpine lakes in just three days from August 14 to August 16, a statement issued by the Foundation said.
According to AJKMF on day 1, the team started trek from Sitharan Beerva Budgam at 7 am and after reaching Tosamadan at 11 am, which is almost 10 km from Sitharen.
“In the upper reaches of Tosamadan, there are almost 15 alpine lakes. The team put first camp at Gadtar I (3900 mts) around about 5:30 pm and team stayed overnight there,” AJKMF said, adding that on day 2, the team left base camp at 8 AM and visited Boodsar or Bander Sar (4000mts), Sarafsar, Kukar Khud, Sandook Sar and Pamsar 4050 meters and return to base camp at 7 PM.
On day 3, AJKMF said the team left base camp at 6 AM and visited Gadtar II, Gadtar III, Wajid Sar, Pirsar I, Pirsar II, Talasar (highest Lake in Pirpanjal 4170mts) and Damamsar.
On the same day, the team reached back to the base camp and returned to Srinagar.
The trek was led by (AJKMF) member Wajid Sami who had already explored these Lakes.
Members of AJKMF, Danish Dhaar (Founder), Arsalan Rashid Wani, Ahsan Mohsin, claimed to have explored over 50 high altitude Alpine lakes so far.
“This feat involves years of hard work, high dedication and motivational level. It’s a proud moment for Danish Dhaar, Arsalan Rashid Wani and Ahsan mohsin and for our team,” AJKMF said, adding that the trio belongs to Srinagar district of Jammu and Kashmir.

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