Kashmir based teacher develops app to make online learning effective

SRINAGAR: A Kashmir based teacher has developed an android application, namely, “Wise App”, to make online learning a smooth and effective experience for teachers and students alike.
Wise App, which works on 2G, enables teachers to schedule and conduct live classes on ZOOM without the headache of having to share meeting IDs and passwords. Additionally, it enables teachers to send and receive assignments, facilitate discussions, share material and receive automated attendance reports, all at one place.
The app has been created by Mubeen Masudi and Bila Abidi, both, 2011 graduates of IIT Bombay. Mubeen has been preparing students of Kashmir for JEE, NEET, SAT, etc for past 8 years.
Speaking to us, he said, “Post Covid, like every other teacher, I started teaching online through ZOOM. I realized the challenges of conducting classes online. I used to share meeting IDs/Passwords through whatsapp, assignmentsthrough mail, and study material through google drive links. It was all very chaotic and difficult to manage. My focus shifted from teaching to juggling across multiple apps. Consequently, this negatively affected the learning experience of my students. That is when I realized the need for a unified platform for myself.”
Mubeen reached out to his friend, Bilal, and discussed this idea. That is when they started working on this application. After 2 months of efforts, Wise app was launched on google
playstore last week.
“The application is extremely simple to use and unlike the existing ones in the market doesn’t expect the teacher to be tech savvy. Anyone can just download the application from the playstore and start using it right away. It is completely free of cost and without any ADs”, says Bilal.
In last one week more than 50 teachers have already started testing or using the application. And the feedback received from them has been encouraging.
“Teachers love the ease with which they can send and grade homeworks or assignments. School teachers love how the attendance has been automated. Students like the idea of having a formal discussion board where they can get their doubts cleared by their teacher or by their peers. But mostly, what everyone across the board has appreciated the most is that WISE ensures that there is no need to generate and share meeting IDs/passwords. Meeting creation and joining has all been automated”
Wise app is available on google playstore, and users need to have zoom app installed to be able to use the live class feature. Wise’s iOS app is yet to get published, so, iPhone users can use the web interface till then, i. e., www.wiseapp.live

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