700 kanals of agriculture land affected for want of irrgation repair

BUDGAM: Jammu & Kashmir RTI Movement has demanded that Irrigation canal meant to irrigate more than 1000 kanals of land around Batwodder and Bonen villages of Chadoora Budgam be repaired immediately as 700 kanals of agriculture land with maize crop has been damaged due to apathy of Irrigation department.
In a statement Chairman RTI Movement Dr Raja Muzaffar Bhat said that Irrigation Canal around Yusmarg area which was fed with Dood Ganga water was damaged in landslide during 2014 floods, but was never repaired till date
“ For the last 6 years the canal has not been repaired and this has resulted in severe drought in the areas fed with the canal especially Batwodder and Bonen villages of Chadoora. Maize crop on more than 700 kanals of land was fed with the same canal but due to non-responsive behavior of the Irrigation department for the last 6 years villagers from two to three villages are made to suffer. The entire maize crop has dried up. In past Batwodder was famous for paddy crop as it has enough water supply but the village had been turned into a desert due to Govt’s irresponsible behaviour ” said Dr Raja Muzaffar
RTI Movement has appealed Chief Engineer Irrigation Kashmir and DC Budgam to intervene

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