Allow shopkeepers, traders to operate for 5 days in a week: BJP Kashmir Unit

Srinagar: BJP Kashmir unit on Sunday urged the district administration should allow shopkeepers and traders to operate for 5 days along with proper SOP’s in place instead of existing 3-day shifting schedule in a week.
Party’s Media-In-charge and senior leader Manzoor Bhat stated that working in shift schedule announced by administration have risked lives of both shopkeepers and common people miserable as a huge rush is being witnessed each passing day.
“Administration should extend the working schedule to 5 days during a week along with Standard Operation Procedure’s (SOP)s in a place,” he said.
As per Bhat, party’s grievance cell has received hundreds of distressed calls from people stating that shopkeepers and traders are operating only for 3 days.
“When there are only few shops operating in the city, the rush of people has also increased during these specific days. If the same would be allowed for 5 days, there would be less rush as compared to shifting schedule days,” he said.
Bhat said the administration has failed as cases are increasing each day. Closing businesses for 4 days is injustice with the shopkeepers and traders who have already suffered heavy losses from past 11 months, he said.
“We were witnessing a heavy rush of people each day but most of the shops are closed. If these shopkeepers and traders would be allowed to operate along with SOP’s in places for 5 days, it will be a positive step,” Bhat said.
As per him, except Friday and Sunday, the administration should allow them to work freely along with SOP’s as they are facing tremendous issues from the past one month.
“The move would decrease rush in the markets and it can also, revive our economical crunch that our people are suffering from the past 4 months,” he said.
Bhat also expressed concern over the sudden increase of vendors stalls in the city; roads have been blocked at Hari Singh High Street, Batamaloo and other places. Due to which common people are suffering,” he said.
“For a single item, people have to venture out from their homes at least 3-4 times as markets are often closed. While the administration has failed to opt planned strategy for the poor people,” he said.
Bhat also stated that some blue-eyed people are operating throughout the week while poor people are being left at lurch. He urged both district administration Srinagar and other concerned officials to opt for any strategy through people would not suffer anymore.

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