Pouzz: The Social Network made in Shopian

Pouzz: The Social Network made in Shopian

Musaib Malik

Pouzz is a social networking platform that redefines the way we use social media. The social networking platform is specially designed for artists, businesses, organisations, private and government institutes. Unlike other social networking platforms, Pouzz gives instant, direct and more accurate information about the market. This feature makes it more suitable for business. Moreover, the customised feedback system of Pouzz sets it apart as the best option for both personal and professional use. The social networking platform has a simple and effective way of engaging with people by creating polls. The social network is designed to reflect public opinion. Pouzz is also designed in a manner that it can be easily accessed even on slow internet.
Pouzz will be launched during the last week of June and can be initially assessed at www.pouzz.com. Later, it will be available as an app on Google Play Store and Apple store. The site and interface developing team at Pouzz emphasises on the ‘poll method’ of sharing. The social network platform will further include video, photo and text sharing features in later updates.
The trending section of Pouzz will show the real time trends and viral content with customised public reaction. This feature can be used by an individual or organisations that desire not to get negative or other unwanted feedback. The share option helps in easily sharing a post to other platforms. The algorithms of Pouzz are different from those of other social networks. Accounts with good content are handpicked by the team at Pouzz and then these are boosted free of cost.
The social network is created by three friends from Shopian region of south Kashmir, namely, Musaib Malik, Abdul Khaqan and Shahzaib Rafiq. The idea of the social network initially came to Khaqan and later it was discussed among us. We have been working on it for five months and have selected the final version after discarding five earlier versions.
Pouzz platform promises new and better marketing strategies for businesses and for individuals it will show them the best, the trending, and the perfect match for what they’ve been looking for.

The writer is Co-Founder and Marketing Director at Pouzz

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