Mobile Phones: From Asset to Liability

Mobile Phones: From Asset to Liability

Arif Nabi

Of the various things that the world has given us, one of the most useful is the mobile phone. It has revolutionised society and shaped life in new moulds. There is hardly anyone who doesn’t have a mobile phone, and yet the demand for more is ever-increasing. According to a United Nations report, the spread of mobile phones has been much faster than any other technology.
Mobile phones have become the primary means of disseminating or sharing information, much more than television and radio. They have also become the primary means of accessing the internet. With almost the entire world in our fist, we can observe how life is going on all over the globe. Through mobile phones we can even monitor the pollution level of our environment and consequently take steps to keep it clean. Mobile phones are like pocket computers that can enable us to work, study and carry out a variety of tasks at the same time.
However, like any gadget, mobile phones have merits as well as demerits. If used wisely, their benefits far outweigh their harm. But we have misused them so much so that they have become a liability now rather than an asset. From adults to children, everyone is badly addicted to mobile phones. Much of our precious time is spent on unnecessary use of mobile phones. In a family, each and every member is immersed in their cell phone and no one talks to anyone. There is a complete hush in the family. Even parents of little children are so busy with their phones that they hardly pay attention to their kids. I wonder what example they are setting before their children. In some cases, even the bond between husband and wife has crumbled due to excessive use of the mobile phone. These gadgets may have helped us stay in touch with distant relatives and friends but they have created a gulf between close family members. That consonance which used to be an essential feature of our families is nowhere to be seen now.
Mobile phones have taken a heavy toll on our youth. They are using it constantly for reasons trivial and wasteful. Playing useless games is what our young adults think the mobile phones are to be used for. They buy mobile phones just to play a specific game. This nuisance has to stop. We have to do away with the misuse of mobile phones, otherwise the time is not far when our families and our youth will be in complete disarray (Allah forbid).
Cell phones have made our life completely listless. Rather than tending to our health by physical exercise, we prefer to sit and while away time in scrolling. A number of diseases have surfaced due to sedentary lifestyle – one of the most important reasons of which is having a cell phone. In a recent research reported by Harvard University, it was observed that people who involve themselves with others and promote social interactions are less likely to suffer from depression. It means that social or family interaction can be a cure for our current depression epidemic. I don’t know anyone who does not use a cell phone and suffers from depression. Cell phone can either be an asset or a liability, depending on what use is made of it. The earlier we stop its unnecessary use, the more healthy and strong we, our family, and our society are going to be.

The writer is studying zoology at Kashmir University

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