Rajya Sabha polls: Congress has numbers, BJP can’t win second seat in Rajasthan, says Sachin Pilot

Rajya Sabha polls: Congress has numbers, BJP can’t win second seat in Rajasthan, says Sachin Pilot

JAIPUR: The Congress has the numbers and both the party candidates will win the upcoming Rajya Sabha polls in the state, said Rajasthan Deputy CM Sachin Pilot while asserting that there are no chances of the BJP winning a second seat.

His statement has come a day after the ruling Congress in Rajasthan alleged attempts by the BJP to topple its government in the state.

Chief minister Ashok Gehlot had accused the BJP of horse trading on Wednesday night, alleging that some of the party MLAs were offered Rs 25 crore each.

The party had also taken its MLAs and the Independents backing the state government to a Jaipur resort for a meeting on Wednesday ahead of the elections to three Rajya Sabha seats in the state on June 19.

“I want to make it clear that the Congress Party has adequate mandate, support of Independents and other parties. Both of our candidates will win the elections,” Pilot, who also the state Congress president, said.

“Before elections, many kind of talks surface but all are aware of ground realities and the numbers,” he said.

Pilot said the party had earlier won the assembly bypolls and now its candidates will win the Rajya Sabha polls as well.

“No one should doubt it and those who are spreading myths, be of any party or group, they are intentionally creating an atmosphere that there is a big struggle here. The party MLAs are united,” he said.

On calling the Congress MLAs to a resort for the meeting, he said the party has the experience of ‘incidents’ happening in other states, like some MLAs resigned in Gujarat.

“People are making attempts. But people in Rajasthan are united and sincere. We have a mandate. Even Independents and other parties are supporting us. There are no chances of the BJP’s second candidate’s win,” he said.

Meanwhile, state government’s chief whip Mahesh Joshi also exuded confidence of winning two of the three seats.

“We will not let the BJP’s plan succeed; we will not allow horse trading or corruption. The Congress MLAs are united,” said

Joshi, who on Wednesday had lodged a complaint with the Anti-Corruption Bureau against alleged attempts to poach party MLAs.

Party leader Vivek Bansal too said the situation in the state is satisfying.

He said 107 MLAs participated in the meeting held on Wednesday and another meeting has been called on Thursday evening where both Rajya Sabha candidates and AICC general secretary Avinash Pande will remain present.

The Congress has nominated K C Venugopal and Neeraj Dangi for the Rajya Sabha elections scheduled for June 19 while the BJP has fielded Rajendra Gehlot and Onkar Singh Lakhawat.

In the assembly of 200, the Congress has 107 MLAs, including six those who defected to the party from the BSP last year. The party enjoys the support of 12 of the 13 Independent MLAs in the state.

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