IF condemns malicious campaign against Zaira Wasim

Srinagar: Condemning the malicious campaign against Zaira Wasim on social media, Islamic Fraternity has said the girl is being targeted for being a Kashmiri and telling the truth.
President IF, Muhammad Aamir said that Zaira’s social media posts are read out of context to give it a different color with an intention to make her vulnerable to online attacks by troll army.
“We stand with our sister, Zaira Wasim. She shared a Quranic verse which we all Muslims believe in. Attacking her for sharing the verse is also attack on Islam which we all should denounce and respond accordingly,” Aamir said.
The backdrop of her being attacked seems her decision to quit her earlier profession. She chose truth over falsehood and these trolls felt pained about this decision.
“She (Zaira) has become an inspiration for many youngsters, particularly those who succumb to worldly pleasures and devaite from the path of Allah. Zaira’s decision made them believe that worldly gains at the expense of Islam are no achievements,” he said.
“In these tough times, we stand with our sister and want her to continue the charity work and the contribution that she has been making towards the Islam,” Muhammad Aamir said.

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