Hailstorm damages crops in Pulwama, Shopian

Shopian: Hailstorm wreaked havoc in Pulwama and Shopian villages on Friday causing damage damages to standing crops.
Heavy hailstorm was witnessed in Pulwama and Shopian villages including Rajpora, Abhama, Bagh Sangerwani, Drakladan, Achgoza, Drabgam, Pargochi, Losedenow and adjacent villages.
An grower from Drabgam told Kashmir Reader that heavy hailstorm caused serious damages to fruit and vegetables in the area. He said that the damages would cost farmers heavily.
Locals in the area demand immediate assessment of losses and compensation to the affected people.
A horticulture official based in Pulwama said that they received reports from several villages about hailstorm affecting crops. He said that assessment process will be started after directions from higher authorities.
“For immediate remedy, orchardists should contact the local KVKs and horticulture department for the sprays related to reducing the damages,”he said.

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