Govt making extra efforts for facilitating people in red zones: Dr Salim 

Govt making extra efforts for facilitating people in red zones: Dr Salim 

SRINAGAR: Head of the Department, Community Medicine at Government Medical College Srinagar, Dr Salim Khan, said that government is taking extra measures in its battle against the Corona virus in red zones.

He said that due to the increasing number of COVID positive cases in some areas, the government of Jammu and Kashmir declared these areas as red zones so that requisite measures could be taken up to tackle this dreaded pandemic accordingly.

“The aim of declaring an area a containment zone is to restrict the inward or outward movement in these areas besides taking measures to limit the transmission of Corona virus,” he added.

Dr Khan said that infected people living in these areas should remain restricted to their homes as to prevent the contraction of virus to other people and should never come out of these areas except under emergency situations.

According to him, people who need any help in case of some emergency should contact on the helpline numbers provided by the government. ‘Government is providing every kind of support to the people living in these areas’, he added.

He said that efforts are being made to take care of the pregnant women in these areas and immunization sessions will be started to take proper care of the children living in red zones. He said that pregnant ladies can contact the government on the helpline numbers to get any kind of support.

Emphasizing the need to obey the lockdown restrictions in these areas, he said that people should take extra care of personal hygiene. “When an infected person coughs or sneezes, he may be infecting the surfaces around him. So it becomes imperative upon people living in the containment zones that they take utmost care in keeping their surroundings clean,” Dr Khan added.

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