No social distancing when it comes to banking

No social distancing when it comes to banking

Srinagar: Bank branches in south Kashmir are becoming hotspots of gatherings and people hardly maintain any distance while standing in queues.

Though police and municipal authorities are trying to ensure distancing between people, but once they look away, the people restore to their positions, cramming into every inch of space available.

There have been several complaints especially from Anantnag and Kulgam districts that the gatherings at bank branches are becoming worrying. The problem is greater in far-flung areas, where there is not enough police to keep a check. Though volunteers have come forward to do their bit, but banks usually remain crowded, with people waiting haphazardly for their turn.

Municipal authorities have tried to draw circles for people to stand in but hardly anyone bothers about them. The people mostly remain in a hurry, both to go in as well as to get out of the building.

Concerned citizens have complained to the police and municipal authorities. Riyaz Ahmad, a local, said, “This is a grave matter but it is going unnoticed. The way people assemble outside bank branches can prove deadly for all of us. People should act with a sense of responsibility, and if they don’t, the police has the duty to ensure distance is maintained.”

Waheed Ahmad, a volunteer, said, “We’re doing our bit, but we fail at times. The people don’t obey. The police needs to be on duty to ensure people maintain distance with each other.”

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