People of Srinagar trapped as zealous vigilantes block roads

People of Srinagar trapped as zealous vigilantes block roads

Srinagar: People in many parts of Srinagar city have started blocking roads to prevent the entry of outsiders, but this has led to a major problem for people facing medical emergency.

In many areas which had been already declared red zones by the district administration, local residents have blockaded the roads so that no vehicle can enter or leave. However, this is not the right way to enforce a lockdown as in case of medical emergency there is no way for an ambulance to reach or a personal vehicle to leave.

“My sister was expecting a baby and we had to visit the hospital early morning today. Yesterday I first checked from which route I shall have to take as all lanes any bylanes were blocked. It took me three hours to find a way. God forbid, if any emergency happens in the night or even during the day, what will people do?” said Muqaram, a resident of Hawal.

“I request these people to please think before doing these types of activities,” he further added.

Khalid Ahmed, a resident of Lal Bazar, said, “Putting permanent barricades on roads is insanity. God forbid if some disaster such as an earthquake occurs, or if a patient has to be rushed to hospital, what will we do?”

He added, “My father is a kidney patient and he has to go for dialysis regularly. But all the lanes and bylanes in our neighbourhood are blocked.”

Ahmed said that the authorities must impose heavy penalties on those who block roads. “They should be sent to jail for six months without bail,” he said.

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