DIET should be District Digital Repository

DIET should be District Digital Repository

Mohammad Iqbal Bhat

Reshaping the education system is the need of hour. The Union Territory of Jammu & Kashmir is prone to crisis. All these years the education system has been the worst affected. The Covid-19 threat has once again reminded us of our unpreparedness. We should reorient ourselves for the emerging challenges and our system should be ready to respond to any crisis. Lack of innovation has crippled the productivity and effectiveness of our institutions, which if not taken care of can prove fatal for our coming generations.
Since the establishment of District Institutes of Education and Training (DIETs) in the year 1986, their functioning has not evolved to keep up with the changing times. DIETs should do away with the conventional approach and must adopt modern practices. DIETs are poorly equipped and poorly administered. Amid this Covid-19 crisis, the government has encouraged the idea of online teaching. Though teachers have responded actively to the directions, the lack of equipment and inadequacy of digital facilities has hampered their work and ability. Had DIETs been well prepared, the idea could have been implemented effectively.
Institutional Digital Repositories are becoming prevalent in India in academia. The concept of open access to learning material seems promising in the prevailing circumstances. A repository can hold a wide range of materials in different forms and formats. It can support research, learning, and scholarly communication. If properly developed, it addresses an impressive range of needs. In simple terms, a digital repository is where digital content is stored and can be searched and retrieved.
DIETs should be made digital repositories on the pattern of EGYANKOSH of IGNOU. DIETs should be provided with broadcast facility, high speed broadband, equipment needed for recording for televising classes, etc. The concept of digital libraries should be introduced in each DIET. The job of preparing e-content of at least one subject up to the elementary level and the resource thus collected should be added to the central pool at SIE Kashmir. The functionaries of DIETs should be allowed to visit different research institutions in the country for seeking guidance and attaining the professional skills needed in the field of advanced educational research.

The writer is Research Officer at DIET Kupwara. [email protected]

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