DC Srinagar allays panic

DC Srinagar allays panic

Srinagar: Even as eight fresh COVID-19 cases were reported in Srinagar on Friday, Deputy Commissioner, Shahid Iqbal Choudhary said that there was no need to panic as the cases had already been traced and isolated by the administration.

Soon after the government said that 23 new cases of the disease had been detected in J&K, Choudhary took to Twitter to mitigate fears about the eight new cases said to be from the district.

“8 Covid +ve (cases) in Srinagar today sounds panicky, but it’s not. This is a classic ” tracing success story,” he said.

Choudhary said that seven of the eight persons testing positive for COVID-19 on Friday were non-locals, who had been right away quarantined by the administration along with the eighth person, who came in their contact.

Government spokesperson, Rohit Kansal, who shared DC Srinagar’s tweet said that 7 of the eight new cases in Srinagar had been part of a religious gathering and had been isolated by the administration on March 27 along with the eighth person, who, he said, had come in their contact and contracted the virus.

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