IUST develops ventilator splitter to support multiple patients at one time

IUST develops ventilator splitter to support multiple patients at one time

Awantipora: Islamic University of Science and Technology has developed a multi-channel splitter for ventilators so that multiple patients with different lung capacities can avail the lifesaving support especially during Covid-19 crisis. “The faculty and students at DIC – IUST with the help of 3D Printing Technology have designed 4-way ventilator splitters which can help in quadrupling the ventilator capacity of hospitals in the quickest possible time which will potentially guarantee that there is no shortage of ventilators during an emergency.

Splitters are simple 3D printed designs that have one input and multiple outputs to connect one ventilator to multiple patients at the same time,” the statement issued on Thursday said. It reads, “They have been used in many countries to cope with the shortage of ventilators in view of the huge patient influx. DIC – IUST has developed two designs of splitters (14 in number) which were tested at SKIMS Soura. These splitters can be used to support multiple patients simultaneously during this acute period of coronavirus spread.”

“Understanding the seriousness of Covid-19 spread and doctors being the first line of defence, DIC- UST also designed and built a low cost, easy to assembly ‘Face Splash Guard’ for doctors and health workers of Kashmir bringing relief to them. Face Splash Guard is a very simple model designed by using transparent file covers, some foam and elastic bands. Till date, DIC has produced 261 face splash guards, out of which 58 were delivered to GB Pant Hospital, 21 to SKIMS, 80 to CD Hospital, 61 to District Hospital Pulwama and 26 to IUST Quarantine Centre,” it added.

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