MC Sumbal female officer levels harassment charges against its president

Sumbal: Executive Officer of Municipal Committee Sumbal Ruhi Jan has alleged that its president Jehangir Ahmad has been harassing her and other employees over official matters. She alleged that Ahmad has “hijacked” her official position and sends false reports to higher officials of her being absent from duty. Ruhi claimed that Ahmad has also written derogratory remarks about her on Facebook. “Despite the daily harassment, I attend the office every day. I am leaving no stone unturned in implementing sanitisation and fumigation measures in the quarantine centres in our area. Unfortunately, I and other employees receive abuses from him,” Ruhi Jan said. She said that she called a meeting of sweepers on Wednesday, but the president locked all of them in his office room. “He wants to intimidate me,” Ruhi Jan alleged. She said that she is always punctual, “but Ahmad sends reports of her being absent to higher authorities. I was rebuked by authorities for not remaining on duty every day, which is false”. “We are humiliated every day,” Ruhi Jan said. {resident Municipal Committee Sumbal Jahangir Ahmad denied the allegations levelled against him by Executive Office Sumbal and termed it as baseless. “She is making false propaganda against me which will not be tolerated at any cost,” he said. He alleged that she is not following government protocols. Riyaz Ahmad – Santry supervisor of Sweepers in MC Sumbal – said that they are in dilemma over the different orders being given to them by a senior officer. Deputy Commissioner Bandipora told Kashmir Reader that he will look into the matter. President traders federation Sumbal, Jaan Mohammad while talking to Kashmir Reader said that due to controversy between the two officials, the work is impacted “Who should we blame when there is no cooperation between the officials,” he said. “Since the last two days, we have not seen any sanitizing or fumigation in the area because these officers have no cooperation. We urge the administration to solve this problem,” he said.

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