Conquest of the World by A Mighty Pathogen

Conquest of the World by A Mighty Pathogen


Nations are in a state of chaos. Even after putting all their resources to use and channelising all their energies, they have failed to stop the march of the deadly coronavirus, COVID-19. The whole world seems to have been conquered and occupied by this coronavirus, which has shown that the most powerful nations are helpless before it. It seems that the pathogen has also put an end to the competition for nuclear weapons, as they now look so petty against this invisible creature.
The pathogen has also changed the religious discourse of the world. The clerics of different religions are in deep introspection as the rallies they used to lead and the sermons they used to deliver are no more. All the mosques, churches and temples are silent. This pathogen has turned hospitals into places of worship. It seems that God has confined his mercy to only the hospital.
Under the regime of this pathogen, the society has taken an amazing turn, too. Now the social rule is to maintain social distance! Not only between individuals but between nations as well, which has seemingly made the term globalisation meaningless nowadays. It has created a sense of untouchability between people and, surprise, this time the rich and poor feeling the same fear.
The noisy bungalows are soundless now. The gates of palaces are all closed. The escalators in the huge shopping malls are motionless. Nobody has to slow down the car near the Zebra Crossing. The school grounds are empty. It seems that everything is in a state of pause or suspension. It looks like the whole world has come to a standstill.
The earth seems to be enjoying, as it is free of jam-packed roads, crowed markets, and noisy stadiums. The air, too, is breathing a sigh of relief as there is no black smoke coming out of big factories. The rivers are regaining their long-lost freshness. The whole nature is playing outside like a carefree child.
The conquest made by the pathogen has challenged the supremacy of the human. It has made him aware of his helplessness, which he had completely forgotten about in his lust for power.

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