RTI Movement appeals govt to restore 4G, provide relief to people, release prisoners

Srinagar: J&K RTI Movement on Friday appealed to state and central government to provide relief to the people of J&K, restore 4G, release prisoners and procure and provide adequate Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) in view of Covid-19 pandemic.
Shaikh Ghulam Rasool, Chair J&K RTI Movement said, “Conflict and corruption have consumed the health care of Jammu and Kashmir, and therefore, the inadequate health services, lack of staff and infrastructure is a prime concern without which the Covid –19 pandemics can’t be tackled.”
He added “In a conflict-hit and diverse demographic place like Kashmir, where life was under siege for the past 7 months and now the lockdown, will have a severe impact on the people particularly socially excluded and vulnerable communities in groups in J&K. For instance, widows and orphans, tribals – Gujjars, Bakkarwalls, Shinas, Baltis and Pahadis, rural and urban poor, Fisherfolk, Persons with Disability, elderly, unemployed, refugees and informal sector- casual, migrant and self-employed without labour protection or social security, are daily wagers and lockdown cripples their livelihood.”
Rasool said, “The people in prisons, which are filled-in way beyond the holding capacity, with the inmates are of all age groups, having varied illnesses and co-morbidities. They cannot practice physical distancing and are deprived of hygiene and a balanced diet, the Covid –19 will hit them the most.”

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