Hami urges government to maintain highest level of hygiene

Calls for reciting frequent Wazaif, verses of repentance

SRINAGAR: Karwan-e-Islami patron Alama Ghulam Rasool Hami on Saturday said that instead of avoiding prayers and staying away from the Zikro-Azkar, it’s high time that people across Kashmir ensure that their most of the time is spent in seeking Allah’s refuge by reciting frequent authentic Wazaif, verses of repentance and praises on the beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW). He, however, stressed that it is good to maintain social distancing but at the same time holding small gatherings to recite Wazaif and Toiba-e-Istigfaar majalis, is the need of the hour.
In an important announcement made by Alama Hami, he said that only ailing patients with sickness like infection, Asthma, other ailments must offer prayers at homes and those physically fit and with no signs of illness, have no reason or moral justification to offer prayers at homes and keep masjids and shrines locked. He called for recitation of Aurad-e-Fatiheya loudly in shrines, masjids and homes for seeking refuge from Allah’s wrath.
Addressing a galaxy of Islamic scholars at Central Office of Karwan-e-Islami here. Alama Hami said before the advent of Islam in Kashmir, the place was witnessed frequent pandemic’s and earthquakes, but when Hazrat Mir Syed Ali Hamadani (RA), the founder of Islam in Kashmir, who is popularly known as Shah-e-Hamdan, arrived in Kashmir, he introduced a beautiful booklet popularly known as Aurad-e-Fahiyah, which I believe is the best combination of special verses from holy quran with which one can persuade Almight Allah and seek his refuge from all ailments including deadly Caronavirus. Alama Hami said that its time to recite Aurad-e-Fathiya more frequently than ever and keep reciting naats and praises on the beloved prophet (SAW) besides other Zikr like Ism-e-Azam etc. He said that whenever there were tests from Allah’s side on his people even the times of Prophets who came before Hazrat Muhammad (SAW), there was only wayout and method adopted by them which is to seek refuge from the Allah. He said that these diseases come as tests from Allah, he alone can cure it. He said when people become outlaws against prophet (SAW) and Allah, such tests are inevitable.
Alama Hami urged the J&K government to take all the possible measures in hospitals and also appealed the private hospitals to maintain highest level of hygiene and cleanliness besides keeping all the machinery available to deal with the Covid-19. He said that 1400 years ago, Prophet (SAW) had said that maintaining hygiene tantamount to half of Iman and today, we are being stressed to maintain highest level of hygiene to stay away from the deadly virus.

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