Coronavirus scare: Filthy streams, drains in Baramulla pose threat to human health

BARAMULLA: Amid coronavirus worries, filthy streams and drains in north Kashmir’s Baramulla town is posing a threat to human health with locals saying that it can borne diseases.
“All the drains are filled with waste. Streams are filthy. Markets too give a different picture. It is a matter of concern,” locals said.
They said that main stream which starts from Sangri and crosses Baramulla market through Sumo-stand and other markets is filled with solid waste.
River banks, they said, give an ugly picture. “Hundreds of tons of waste are lying at river banks and a very bad smell is coming from it,” they added.
People said that as authorities have started sanitation drive, then why are they not paying attention towards this issue – which can borne diseases.
They said that there are many streams in Old town which are filled with waste material and filthy water is going towards the River Jehlem where from people get drinking water through PHE schemes. They asked authorities to pay heed towards big issues before starting a sanitation drive.
People appealed authorities take strict action against those people who throw waste material in streams and at river banks.

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