Masoodi expresses dismay over GoI’s apathy towards stranded Kashmiri students in Iran

NEW DELHI: National Conference leader and member of Parliament Hasnain Masoodi on Thursday sought the status of efforts made by external affairs ministry towards repatriation and evacuation of stranded Kashmiri students from Iran.
Masoodi in a statement said the attitude of the government over repatriation and evacuation of Kashmiri stranded students in Iran has been that of indifference and apathy.
“Students who are stranded in Iran mostly fall in the age group of early twenties. As such it is the prime duty of the government to ensure their safety and early repatriation. I have had meetings with the concerned health minister and the external affairs minister in this regard. The duo had ensured me prompt action in this regard. Nothing substantial is being done to ensure early repatriation of stranded Indian compatriots from Iran, which regrettably has seen a spur in corona-virus related cases and deaths. The emergent situation in Iran has added to the worries of scores of families here in Kashmir, whose kith and kin are stranded there.”

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