Boulevard sidewalks in dilapidated condition

SRINAGAR: While the government is spending crores of rupees on tourism publicity, Boulevard sidewalks are in dilapidated condition and authorities have failed to facelift this stretch. The pavement has not been repaired after the Power Development Department excavated land for installation of underground power lines. Roads and Buildings (R&B) department has failed to complete the work on pavements from Boulevard to Nehru Park.This road also leads to several famous destinations which includes Mughal Gardens and Asia’s largest tulip garden. Locals said that government should have given highest priority to maintain this road. “We used to earn our livelihood on these footpaths by selling jewelry. But due to the bad condition of footpath, someone hardly walk on it.We are not able to attract the customers,” said a group of vendors. The construction material including stones, bricks, sand and cement slates can be seen laying along the footpaths. The whole stretch is dotted with potholes. “We have approach R&B department and they said we will start work on the pavement.They also said that contractors have boycotted work and they are awaiting their pending payments from the government,” said a group of Shikara owners. Chief Engineer, R&B, Sami Arif Yesvi told Kashmir Reader that the construction work on pavements at Boulevard will be completed soon. “We don’t have funds problem on this particular project.There are many reasons due to which the work has been hampered. Contractors are on strike and sometime weather is not in favorable condition. But now everything will be resolved and soon this project will be completed,” he said.

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