Electric transformer gutted fourth time in a month 

Baramulla: The electric transformer of Zandfaran village of Narvaw Baramulla has been damaged for the four times in row this month on Wednesday.

Local people of the Zandfaran village said that their electric transformer which was installed a week ago after repairs was damaged again on Wednesday morning

Locals said that department was installed a 100 KV transformer for 45 houses of the village years ago. However, with population increasing it cannot bear the load.

We visited concern department so many times to upgrade the transformer and install at least 150 KV new transformers, but our demand has not been met, and customers and mostly students and others are suffering.

An official of the PDD department Baramulla said that people are using heating gadgets round the clock due to which transformer damages again and again. He appealed people to use minimum electricity otherwise they can face more problems.

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