Tens of thousands dead, injured in J&K road accidents this decade

SRINAGAR: A thousand people have died every year in road accidents in Jammu and Kashmir in the last decade.
According to J&K Traffic Police data, more than sixty thousand traffic accidents occurred since 2010 in which 10,068 people were killed. More than 83 thousand people were injured in accidents across the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir.
The highest number of accidents was witnessed in 2012 during which 6,709 road mishaps took place across J&K. The year saw 1,165 deaths, the highest number of casualties in the decade.
The lowest death toll for a year was reported in 2015 when 917 people were killed in 5,836 accidents.
Last year, close to 950 people lost their lives in more than five thousand accidents. Besides, seven thousand were wounded.
Similarly, 5,978 accidents took place in 2018 in which 984 were killed and 7,845 injured.
In 2017, 926 people were killed and 7,419 injured in 5,624 traffic accidents.
In 2016, the number of accidents reported was 5,501 in which 958 people were killed and above 7,500 were wounded.
In 2015, 5,836 accidents took place in Jammu and Kashmir, in which 917 people were killed and 8,142 injured.
In 2014, 5,861 accidents were recorded across J&K, in which 992 people were killed and 8,043 injured
In 2013, 6,469 traffic accidents took place and 990 people were killed while 8,681 were injured.
In 2012, 6,709 accidents were reported with 1,165 people killed and 9,755 injured.
In 2011, 1,121 were killed and 9,994 injured in 6,644 accidents.
In 2010, Jammu and Kashmir recorded 6,120 number of traffic accidents in which 1,073 people were killed and 8,655 injured.
A traffic police officer cited reckless driving including use of mobile phones and driving without helmet as main reasons for deaths and injuries.

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