Jailed Bar prez Mian Qayoom battling heart ailment in Agra hospital

Family to visit him today

SRINAGAR: Incarcerated Jammu and Kashmir High Court Bar Association president Mian Qayoom has been admitted to a hospital at Agra after his health deteriorated due to his heart ailment.
Mian Muzaffar, the nephew of the 76-year-old veteran lawyer told Kashmir Reader that jail authorities have informed the family that his uncle has been hospitalised at SN Medical College in Uttar Pradesh at 3.30pm on Wednesday.
“We were informed at 7 pm hours after he was admitted to the hospital. We don’t know what his actual state of health is given the history of ailments Qayoom sahab was suffering. But we were told that his heart ailment had intensified. No further details were shared with us despite our requests,” he said.
The Bar president is serving detention at an isolated ward of Agra jail under Public Safety Act since August when government of India launched a major crackdown against politicians, lawyers, businessmen apart from locals.
His family had appraised a court many times about the deteriorating health of Qayoom, and demanded him to be shifted to Srinagar.
“But it was never accepted and the result is before us,” he added.
Surviving on a single kidney and suffering from double vessel disease, Qayoom was suggested to go for open heart surgey last year. But, Muzaffar said, due to uncontrolled diabetes, it was deferred due to high blood sugar levels.
“Qayoom sahab was making changes to his lifestyle so that he could be operated. In between he was jailed, and was never been given a treatment, a patient of having a history of diseases he is suffering from should get,” said Muzaffar.
The jail phone call has now perturbed Qayoom’s wife, and his four daughters, who are all married. Muzaffar along with Qayoom’s wife is heading to pay a visit today (Thursday).
Family had paid visit to Qayoom last month where they found him unwell. Though, Muzaffar said, he did not tell anything about it, but he had all the signs of a sick person.
Qayoom is serving detention under PSA for the fourth time. Last time it was in 2016, 2008 and early 1990s.

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