CHC Hajin lacks basic facility, locals decry official apathy

Hajin: Locals in north Kashmir’s Hajin attack authorities for neglecting Community Health Centre (CHC) that they said is causing inconvenience to the people.
The condition of CHC – according to locals – has not improved over the years despite claims by the administration that this health facility will improve after its up gradation from PHC two decades ago.
Established in 1960 this health centre has been neglected by successive governments. A community health centre Sumbal was established more than three decades after CHC Hajin, but today it caters to the needs of not only the locals but people from Hajin also prefer to visit it for heathcare needs.
A local, Mohammad Amin, said the promised facilities at the centre were never fulfilledand it is working below par than other CHCs in the neighbourhood.
“Why would we go for small operation and other maternity care to Sumbal or Srinagar?”he questioned.
The locals said that expecting mothers are referred to Sumbal CHC or to Srinagar based hospitals.
Another local said that irony is that despite being the oldest hospital in the entire area, no major surgeries is being performed here.
Sonnallah, an elderly, said that X-Ray machines remain defunct for most of the time.
“We have been assured by the administration last time that the Digital X-Ray would be installed in the CHC Hajin, but nothing has been done so far,” he said.
Another local Mohammad Azhar said that in general OPD there is no general physician available. “90 percent patients are attended by BUMS doctors.”
Locals blamed authorities that employees have been given free-hand to do whatever they want. “They doctor’s and para-medical staff never report on time or leaving on proper time.”
“It seems that every employee is acting as an official here,” they said. “This mess is going on here since long. Another problem in this hospital is that most of the employees have not been transferred for decades because of their links with higher officials.”
Locals hoped that LG administration will look into the matter and pay heed towards to their genuine demands.
BMO Hajin told Kashmir Reader that the CHC does lack staff and some of the surgeries are not performed here.
“Digital X-ray will soon be installed at the centre,” he said.
About transfers, he said that good performers are retained at the heath centre and those who do not perform are transferred.
About illegal parking, he said that they will stop this practice and any one parking in hospital area will have to pay penalty.

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