Frestabal residents seek relocation of poultry unit

PAMPORE: Residents of Frestabal locality of Pampore have urged up on authorities for relocating a poultry unit which according to them has become a nuisance in the area.
The residents told Kashmir Reader that a private person was running a poultry unit in Frestabal area and a few days ago he relocated it near to the residential houses.
They told that the stink emanating from the unit spreads in the vicinity and fills residential houses close to it.
“The stink and foul smell is taking a toll on our children who catch frequent infections like whooping and ever,” the locals said.
The locals told Kashmir Reader that they informed authorities and sought their intervention.
An application asking for relocation of the unit was moved before Deputy Commissioner Pulwama, Divisional Commissioner Kashmir, Tehsildar and Pollution Control Board but till date nothing was heard,” the residents said.
“The authorities assured us that they will take an appropriate action but till date nothing was done,” the residents said.
District authorities from Pollution Control Board (PCB) told Kashmir Reader that they have not given any NOC to the Poultry unit holder and that they will visit the site and after which an appropriate action as warranted by law be taken.

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