STPs to be upgraded to check rising pollution levels in Dal Lake

Srinagar: After facing much delay, Sewerage Treatment Plants (STPs) around Dal Lake are going to be upgraded to control pollution levels in the lake.
The three STPs installed in 2008 at Hazratbal , Habbak and Lam equipped with Fluidized Aerobic Bio-reactor (FAB) technology are going to be upgraded with Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) technology
Vice Chairman LAWDA G M Dar while confirming the development said that the government has approved it and tenders have been floated for the same.
The STPs were almost defunct as they were unable to treat sewerage resulting in discharging untreated waste into the lake.
According to an official, nitrate, phosphate among other nutrients was in excess contributing to vegetative growth of flora in Dal Lake. But none of the STP is working to remove the excess of nutrients prompting the LAWDA to go for up gradation.
After receiving complaints from houseboat owners, boatmen and Dal dwellers about rising pollution, a team of scientists from the National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI) evaluated the STPs around the lake and recommended upgrading of FAB-based technology to improve efficiency, the official added.
For many years, the proposal for up gradation was pending due to funds shortage, the chairman LAWDA added.

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