SMC unable to carry out de-slitting of drains due to funds crunch

Srinagar: The shortage of funds has hit Srinagar Municipal Corporation’s activity of clearing drains resulting in frequent water logging in the city.
SMC commissioner Khursheed Ahmad Sanai acknowleged the civic body has not been able to carry out de-siltation of drains due to funds crunch.
Since March, he said they have been writing to higher-ups for providing funds so that they can start work to no avail.
“It is a burning issue which we want to solve once and for all but they don’t pay any heed towards it,” Sanai added.
He said whenever they need to carry out the de-siltation in any neighbourhood on emergency basis they have to spend funds from different head.
Due to rains, the city often faces water logging issues due to choked drains. This causes acute crisis-like situation as roads are submerged making them unworthy for commute.
In several areas of Srinagar, apart from water logging, residents complain of foul smell from stagnant water in drains.
Furqan Ahmad, resident of downtown’s Kawadara said drains in their area have not been cleared for many years.

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