Much-awaited Alesteng grid station to complete next year

SRINAGAR: People would have to brace up for another dark winter as the much awaited gird station for reducing power cuts has received another major jolt due to November 7 snowfall.
According to one of the concerned chief engineers Aijaz Dar, Alasteng grid station for which the work is under progress since 2012 was expected to be completed by December-end.
“We had completed 158 towers out of 161 of the project. 90 percent cables work was complete. But the snowfall has damaged 10 towers. Of them seven are completely damaged. Seven out of total 45 kilometers of conductors have suffered been damaged as well,” he said pegging the losses at about Rs 3 crore.
According to him, they have to finish the pending works which will be completed till February.
This, according to the chief engineer, would result the power development department (PDD) to supply only 1300 Megawatts against the required 1700 Megawatts in winters.
A deficit of 400 Megawatts prompts the PDD to resort to power cuts spanning eight hours in metered areas and four hours in unmetered areas.
The project has been facing setbacks over the last six years. Initially it was delayed in tendering process, then acquisition of land required for the project played the spoil sport. When these two bottlenecks were cleared, then workers went on strike.

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