People unable to apply for Aadhaar amid internet blackout

SRINAGAR: People across Kashmir are unable to apply for Aadhaar and make corrections due to internet blockout from the last 80 days.
The Aadhaar enrolment centers is running in designated banks, post offices, schools and ICDS blocks and designated Aanganwadi centers in Jammu and Kashmir.
The locals said that they have visited Aadhaar enrolment centers to apply for the Aadhaar card, but due to the internet blockade, they cannot apply.
With the shutdown of the internet, these Aadhaar enrolment centers across the Kashmir Valley are not able to fill the details of the applicants, who are going to apply for the Aadhaar card or corrections details.
Shoiab Ahmad, a resident from Srinagar, said, “I have lost my wallet that included Aadhaar card. I was trying to download my Aadhaar card, but to no avail. I visited most Aadhaar centers include banks, post offices and internet cafes, but I could not download it.
I called my friend who is studying in Chandigarh and told him to download my Aadhaar card. But due to the blockade of SMS service, I did not receive OTP in my mobile number.”
Another woman from Dalgate said that she visited J&K Bank to correct her date of birth in the Aadhaar card, which was wrongly mentioned, but could not do it.
“Due to the internet shutdown, we are not able to fill the online details of the applicants who are going to apply for the Aadhar card,” said an employee from the general post office, Srinagar.
Mission Director of ICDS department, Shabnam Shah Kamili told Kashmir reader that the Aadhaar enrolment centers in ICDS Blocks in Jammu division are working properly.
“But in Kashmir division, we did not have internet access,” he said, “which has affected Aadhaar enrollment process.”
An employee from the J&K Bank, Srinagar said that the branch have Aadhaar enrollment centre, which was working properly during the normal days.
“After the internet shutdown, Aadhaar card application has been affected,” he said.
“The people are visiting the branch to apply for the Aadhaar card, but the branch did not have internet connection.
So, we cannot help the people who are coming for the Aadhaar application or correction,” he said.
Another employee from HDFC bank from Srinagar said that the bank is working properly, but Aadhaar work is affected.

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