Govt directs departments not to exceed expenditure beyond revised estimates

Jammu: (PTI) As the date for reorganisation of Jammu and Kashmir into two union territories draws closer, the administration has directed various departments to ensure that their expenditure does not exceed the revised estimates from April 1 to October 30.
The Treasury Officers would not entertain any payment request unless certified by the respective Head of Departments or Controlling Officers that the intended expenditure is within the revised estimates of 2019-20, an order issued by General Administration Department (GAD) said on Tuesday.
The order, signed by Financial Commissioner Arun Kumar Mehta, said the revised estimates for seven months of 2019-20 (April 1 to October 30) furnished by the departments under different activities are either less than or equal to total authorisations made by the Finance Department.
“Under certain situations there might be chances of excess expenditure beyond the revised estimates furnished by the departments unless precautions are taken by each department to ensure that revised estimate figures as arrived at during budgetary process are not exceeded,” the order said.
In order to ensure financial discipline, Mehta in the order said the expenditure under no circumstances would exceed the revised estimates for the seven months fixed by the Finance department in consultation with the departments.
“All the administrative departments are directed to intimate their respective Controlling Officers or Drawing and Disbursing Officers the disaggregated revised estimates and also endorse a copy to all the deputy commissioners who shall intimate the figures to respective Treasury Officers for compliance,” he said in the order.
Mehta said the funds authorised by controlling officers to their respective Drawing and Disbursing officers beyond the revised estimates for the seven months would deem to have been withdrawn with immediate effect.
“Any funds available with departments shall lapse beyond October 30 and final excess or surrender statement for the seven months shall be furnished to the Finance department by or before October 30,” he said.
He added, “Any deviation or excess expenditure beyond the revised estimates shall be the sole responsibility of respective administrative secretaries or Controlling Officer or Drawing and Disbursing Officers.”
On August 5, the GoI abrogated the special status under Article 370 of the constitution to Jammu and Kashmir and also announced bifurcation of the state into two UTs — Jammu and Kashmir, and Ladakh which will come into effect on October 31. PTI

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