Communication blackout, shutdown takes toll on Sunday market

Vendors say summer-wear remains unsold

Communication blackout, shutdown takes toll on Sunday market


SRINAGAR: The vendors at Srinagar’s Sunday market say that communication blackout and continuous shutdown has taken a heavy toll on their earnings
as most the summer-wear has remained unsold.
While many vendors have managed to get the winter-wear that is now in demand at this weekly market that operates along the residency road near polo
view in the heart of Srinagar city, many are trying to get rid of the summer stuff.
Zahoor Ahmad, 50, a resident of old city, Nowhatta had bought denim stuff that he expected to sell in the summers. But with only few Sundays to
operate and shutdowns, his business, he says, has lot of summer leftovers and he wanted to sell it off at an earliest to make some money for
purchasing the winter-wear.
“I used to buy the pre-owned clothing’s from dealers in Delhi, but given the fact that this year the business was low and most of the stuff we
purchased has not been sold, we were left with least money to place new order that would keep the business booming in winters,” he said.
He added that he will now have to borrow money to pay his dealers to receive winter stuff.
Manzoor Ahmad, who operates his business on commission basis, said, “Given the fact that we could not sell the summer stuff on time has hit our
earnings and what we are left with does not have any buyers.”
“My brother – who also operates on similar pattern – did not sold anything today as sales on last Sunday were very low and our main dealer could
not mange the winter wear as he could not establish the contact with the transporters who were ferrying the order here,” Manzoor said.
He said that they will have to wait for next Sunday to make earnings.
The communication blockout has hit many vendors like Shamin Ahamd, who said that he would order the winter wear and make payment to his dealers
“But with no communication channels, the dealers are reluctant to send goods here,” he said.

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