Grounded Selves

Pride and arrogance, by humans, are one of the grotesque aspects of the human nature. Yes, there are attributes of humans and part of their nature but both belong only to the Almighty, in all proportions. But, all too often, humans fall victim to the snares and viles of pride and arrogance without realize that either have a fall. The question is why? That is why, despite the obvious pitfalls of pride and arrogance , human beings become proud and arrogant. The answer perhaps lies in the very nature of humans. The specie, in terms of temperament, nature and attributes, is a fundamentally weak one. That is, we humans, if not in tune with our higher selves, fall victim to the illusions afforded by pride and arrogance. Say, a man becomes wealthy and rich suddenly. He forgets his past of material poverty and deprivation and sees in money and wealth the power these confer. He then treats others disdainfully, runs rough shod over others, mistreats the poor and those under him and considers himself above other people. This constitutes both pride and arrogance but both rest on flimsy pedestals. There, for example, is no guarantee of his wealth and money remaining forever, no guarantee that no calamity-natural or otherwise- will spare him and , in the final analysis, life in this world is finite. No riches, wealth and money can spare the man from the certainty and surety of death. Yet, the man or, generally speaking, man continues to arrogant and prideful. But, ultimately, both pride and arrogance are weakness and both, to repeat, are doomed to a fall. The question or issue then is: how can we humans avoid both all together? The answer lies in having a sense of proportion and sobriety within and in us, the kind that always and perpetually makes us aware of our limitation and weaknesses which can perhaps only be arrived at by the constant remembrance of the Almighty, His Power and Infinite Mercy. We must see ourselves as human beings that are both weak and strong be ever grateful to the Almighty for whatever comes our way. Submission before the Almighty , the finiteness of life but the infinite mercy and bounty of the Almighty will help us develop the necessary humility, gratitude and gratefulness , all desirable attributes that would lead to more grounded selves which, is among the conditions of success in both this life and the hereafter.

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