Those demanding dignified life, RSD, freedom are facing wrath of tyrants: Malik 

Srinagar: Chairman of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF), Muhammad Yasin Malik Wednesday said that those asking for a dignified life, self-determination and freedom are facing the wrath of tyrants and oppressors.

“Irony is that instead of delivering justice to them, they are being undermined, dubbed as terrorists and trampled under political, regional, economic and other selfish interests by the international community,” Incarcerated Malik as per a statement issued here, said.

Strongly condemning the ban on Shopian Chalo program by JRL and barring resistance leaders Syed Ali Shah Geelani and Mirwaiz Muhammad Umar Farooq and others from marching towards Shopian where they had to attend a congregational prayers meeting for slain persons, Malik said that on one day they announce about allowing political activities but on the other day ban and forcefully stop even the tiniest of political activities.

He said that Shopian massacre in which 18 Kashmiris got killed in cold blood and hundreds got injured by bullet and pellet terrorism cannot be but termed as act of genocide.

He said that “Indian rulers, their Kashmiri supporters led by PDP and trigger happy forces backed by laws like AFSPA, first kill and maim humans and then clamp curfew and restrictions, spree of arrests and nocturnal raids to halt any mourning or protests. This is actually worst kind of state sponsored terrorism that is being done in the name of so-called democracy and maintenance of law and order and any human who has some bit of humanity left within his soul will only condemn this cold-bloodedness,” Malik said.

Terming the silence of international community on human killings in Shopian Kashmir, Kunduz Afghanistan and Gaza Palestine as ‘criminal and worst kind of apathy’, Malik said that Israelis are massacring Palestinians for demanding their right to dignified life, Indian are killing Kashmiris for asking freedom and right to self-determination and US, NATO backed Afghan forces are bombing and killing small children and other innocents in Kunduz with impunity and no one seems to bother on this precious human loss.

“Instead of delivering justice to the oppressed, they are being undermined, dubbed as terrorists and trampled for petty political, economic and regional interests, which is highly regrettable,” he said.

While welcoming the statement of UNO and human rights organizations on Kashmir killings, Malik said that there were times when oppressed nations and people used to look towards big powers among the international community on human rights but unfortunately these very champions of human rights have turned into worst perpetrators of this apathy and inhumanness which actually has turned this world a more difficult place to live in.

JKLF chairman said that without providing justice to the oppressed and safeguarding human rights of the downtrodden and small nations, this world cannot be changed into an ideal place to abode and international community without realizing this reality can never taste permanent peace, stability, progress and tranquillity.

While paying tributes to slain Kangan youth, Gowhar Ahmad, Malik said that police killed this innocent by pellets and after killing him are even not accepting their crime.

While condemning the ‘ongoing police oppression’, spree of arrests and crackdown on resistance, Malik said that police from last many days JKLF leaders like Showkat Ahmad Bakshi, Siraj Ud din Mir, Bashir Ahmad Kashmiri, Abdul Rashid Magloo have been arrested while as houses of many others including Zonal president Noor Muhammad Kalwal have been raided by police which is highly condemnable.


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