KEG concerned over fabricated reportage of Kashmir

Srinagar: Kashmir Editors Guild (KEG) on Monday strongly reacted to the abuse of reportage for crushing Kashmir’s tourism economy. It said the recent misreports are part of a sustained media blitzkrieg to negatively portray Kashmir as a destination.

The media body said that a sustained campaign has been initiated to misrepresent facts and fictionalise events that are hitting hard the media as a credible source of information and the local economy.

Over the last few years, a sustained and fabricated campaign has been initiated wherein basic principles of reporting and ethics in journalism are being compromised. Kashmir is being deliberately projected negatively.

The media is increasingly being used as a tool to promote fake and fabricated news which smacks of ill intentions to damage the Kashmir economy.

Cautioning those responsible for such acts, KEG asked the larger media within and outside the state to ensure that while facts must be reported, the fiction and fake news should not be used to impact the local eco-systems. 


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