Commuters held captive amid protests by Anganwadi workers  

Srinagar: Soon after the arrival of the nonconformist cop, Inspector General of Police (IGP) Traffic, Basant Rath in the Valley, the roads especially in Srinagar witness almost no traffic mess anywhere. However, a protest organized by the Jammu and Kashmir Anganwadi Workers outside Srinagar’s Press Enclave changed the situation, depicting the fragility of the entire system. The traffic witnessed such a mess that the commuters travelling through the road remained stuck in the traffic jam for hours.

The protesting Anganwadi workers and helpers who have been out on the roads from the last two months now had organised a sit in that too in the commercial hub of Lalchowk. The protestors are demanding enhancement of their monthly honorarium.

In a bid to highlight their demands, scores of Anganwadi workers and helpers today took to streets and blocked the road outside Srinagar’s Press Enclave, eyewitnesses said. 

The protesters carrying banners reading slogans in favour of their demands were chanting slogans against the government for failing to fulfill their demands.

The blockade of road by the protester changed the situation which IGP Traffic, Basant Rath had streamlined. 

“The vehicles in large number remained stuck in the traffic mess, resulting in immense hardships to the commuters,” said witnesses.

The protesters were not allowing any vehicle to pass through the road, causing huge traffic mess in the area, they added.

The traffic remained log jammed  for over half an hour due to the blockade of the road.

This was the first such traffic mess that was witnessed post IGP Basat Raths arrival.

The protesting workers and helpers said that they have blocked the road today to protest against the failure of the government.

“We are being forced to take to streets against the government, which also cause hardships to the commuters travelling on the road,” the protesters said.

They urged the government to look into the matter and fulfill their demands. They also said that they will continue their protest until the government fulfill their demands.

“Today’s protest highlighted the vulnerability of the fragile traffic management that is being sought to improve,” said a shop owner in the commercial hub. He said that the traffic management has to be up to the mark in order to let it function despite some odds.


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