Editorial: Let a beginning be made

Srinagar: The month of March has witnessed a more intensified military action between the two neighboring counties India and Pakistan. Not only have civilian killings on the Line of Control (LoC) been going on unabated, but even the military locations have witnessed lot of pounding by heavy artillery on both the sides.

The past two weeks have already seen deaths on the LoC as an entire family was almost wiped out in Bhimber Gali in Balakote sector in Poonch.  So much so that the Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti went to the extent of saying that why should the people of Jammu and Kashmir continue to suffer the after effects of partition?

The situation as of now in various areas including Poonch, Uri, Rajouri and Samba sectors is very fragile as the two armies stationed there take to the use of gunfire without any reason or rhyme.

Though the situation is telling upon both the countries but on ground no one is willing to admit the miseries the people are facing. On one side the two armies are witnessing a continuous loss of man power and equipments and on the other the hapless civilian population too is made to pay a heavy price.

The situation on the diplomatic front too is going from bad to worse. Pakistan has already recalled its head of the diplomatic mission in New Delhi after he alongwith his family members was harassed by some security men in a high security area in the Indian capital.

Even the world body like the United Nations Security Council and the Secretary General of UN has issued statements arguing for starting a dialogue between the two countries. However, all these seem to have fallen on deaf ears.

What is tragic and irritating is that the human loss concerns no nation at all. The stance of both the countries seems evident. No one wishes to move an extra yard and get things on track.

What is ironic is that any move by the two warring countries in trying to ease out the situation on the frontier is not been responded by the other. In such a scenario what options are left to work out a peace agreement between the two countries can be anybody’s guess.

 It is now proving beyond a doubt that the two countries are ignoring the basic requirements of their citizens. The common man in both the countries wants to live a peaceful and a secure life, which the leadership in both the countries is not letting to happen.  

There is also an ample evidence that there is a widening trust deficit among both the neighbours and to reduce the trust deficit both have to set eyes on a workable peace roadmap that will take those issues towards resolution by using a step by step method.



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