KVIB “probe” a ridiculous cover-up exercise:  NC

Srinagar: National Conference on Tuesday said the Government’s belated, delayed ordering of a probe into serious allegations of nepotism in the KVIB recruitment was a ridiculous act of covering up the involvement of the CM and her family members in the scam. In a statement issued from NC Headquarters ‘Nawa-e-Subha’ in Srinagar, NC State Spokesperson Junaid Azim Mattu said the CM was insulting the intelligence of the people by expecting them to believe that a bureaucracy under her control could possibly be free and objective enough to probe her role and that of her immediate family in this scam.

“This order has come weeks after we sought questions from the Chief Minister over the appointment of her first cousin and kith and kin of leaders of her party in the KVIB list. What was the reason for the Government to delay this order to start with in an effort o buy time? Since this involves the Chief Minister’s family and possibly was done under her patronage, nothing short of a court-monitored judicial probe will be acceptable. Why is the Chief Minister shying away from a judicial probe if she has nothing to hide?”, the NC State Spokesperson asked in the statement.

The NC State Spokesperson also lashed out at the Government for not quashing the list till the probe findings are revealed and said these antics were indicative of a deep-rooted patronage to nepotism and corruption in the present PDP-led dispensation.

“There were allegations that the certificates and documents of certain individuals related to the CM who figured in the list were fake and doctored and the recruitment was full of irregularities. The role of the private recruiting agency hired for this scam is also under scanner. These are very serious criminal issues that can only be probed through a judicial process and this effort to pre-empt that exercise by a sham of an ‘in-house’ probe is disappointing and shameful”, the NC State Spokesperson added.


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